May 25, 2024

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iPhone users will have an unpleasant surprise

iPhone users will have an unpleasant surprise

Telegram recently launched the premium version without ads in groups and with the ability to send larger files, i.e. more than 4GB. Despite the update, the file Request It is still freely available to people. Find out how much all the extra features cost for those who use Android and iOS phones.

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plan Signature It also allows the use of animated avatars and attachments exclusive. The premium version of Telegram speeds up media downloads. All the news is already available to the users of the application, they have forced an update with the improvements that are now announced.

Premium Telegram

According to Telegram, choosing to offer improvements through the paid version was necessary so that the quality of service provided to users would not be compromised.

It was fear that changes could overload Application.

With the Telegram Premium version, the company opens the opportunity to users who need these features so that they can employ them without causing harm to others.

The new version allows to see the stickers sent by those with the paid model by those using the free version, so communication between people using different versions will not be compromised.

Telegram Premium arrives in Brazil at a monthly cost of R$ 24.90 for subscribers. In principle, there is only one staffing plan, i.e., there are no differences in resources through the different plans.

Despite this, some users complain that there is a file difference in the price. The Premium version for iOS, for example, costs R $ 24.90 per month; However, according to Tecnoblog, the Android plan through Play Store costs R$23.99.

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The difference is even greater for users who download the app from the Telegram website. The monthly fee drops to R$12.49. Also, according to Tecnoblog, the difference is justified by the fact that the Play Store charges an amount proportional to sales through the store, as well as for Client with iPhone.