May 18, 2024

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Coincidência? Policial polonês ajuda ex-presidente do país em rodovia nos EUA

Is it a coincidence? Polish police officer assists former US President on US highway

Police Officer Lukasz Lipert greets former Polish President Lek Walesa on May 11, 2022 in Doland, Connecticut, USA – Connecticut State Police / AFP

An extraordinary coincidence. The U.S. transport agency in Poland showed up to help a tire-punctured vehicle on the highway on Wednesday, and could not believe it when he saw who the driver was: former Polish President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lek Walesa said on Thursday. (12) Local police.

When a police car arrived to assist the vehicle on Wednesday afternoon, after a phone call, agents said on their Facebook profile that the agents had “received the Nobel Peace Prize and the first democratically elected president in Poland, Leg Wallace”. , With a photo of a former Polish leader sitting in a car and greeting a native-born agent.

Police officer Lucas wrote on the Connecticut Police Facebook page that “Libert, who was born in Poland, was grateful to help such an influential figure and to have a quick chat with him about Polish history.”

According to local media, the agent Libert, 35, was born in Poland, but he has been living in the United States since he was 18, and spoke to his famous friend in Poland.

The symbol of independence in Poland, Walesa, 78, the historical leader of the unity union that contributed to the fall of communist rule, was the first democratic president of post-communist Poland (1990-1995).

Wallace visits Northeastern United States, “Encourages and meets the cause of Ukrainian refugees fleeing Poland [ONG internacional] Office of the World Affairs Council and Governor of Connecticut [democrata] Net Lamond, according to Connecticut Police.

There are millions of Polish and Ukrainian immigrants in the Northeastern United States, as well as Americans from these two Eastern European countries, which became more visible after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February.

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