May 28, 2024

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U.S. Senator proposes committee to oversee major technology

U.S. Senator proposes committee to oversee major technology

Democrat Michael Bennett’s bill seeks to regulate algorithms and develop rules of conduct in the field of technology.

Senator Michael Bennett (Democrat-Colorado) on Thursday (May 12, 2022) introduced a bill to create a U.S. government regulatory body centered on large technology companies. This text was excerpted from a North American newspaper Washington Post.

The “Digital Platform Commission Act (Law of the Digital Platform Commission, in direct translation) recommends the power of inquiry by a board of 5 persons. Great technologies Operation of algorithms on sites and regulating the internal policies of organizations – criteria for controlling content and transparency in accessing users’ personal data.

Among the objectives of the proposal is the publication of a code of conduct in the field. The document will be prepared in consultation with experts in programming, protocols and other related fields to establish a specific study on the activities of each organization.

Law is nothing new in American politics. In September 2021, the Democrats in Congress recommended this FTC (Federal Trade Commission, The country’s trusted agency) to create a department that specializes in monitoring the privacy violations of companies in the sector. Bennett’s bill expands the scope of federal intervention and covers topics such as the mental health of users and the impact of social media on local news.

According to Bennett, the country needs a company. “Expertise“A must”Creative approach”Under the control of these companies. He says he was motivated by his own experience during his tenure on the Senate Investigative Committee and the unspoken effects of social media on his children.

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Critics of the proposal say the technology giants have a lower budget than the budget – the agency will have a $ 500 million budget in its 5th year of operation – which will increase government infiltration. Influence of Lobby Employed by the Department.

Although corruption and improper access to information related to data theft are a matter of mutual interest, The Washington Post It shows that the issue can be politicized in the House of Representatives and the Senate and lose the support needed to move forward.

This is a new chapter in the controversy between Great technologies And the US Government. Such as companies Google and Apple The U.S. states are targeting challenges to oligopoly in the advertising system.

In December 2021, Adam Moseri, Managing Director of Instagram, Suggested Formation of Government Oversight Committee Responsible for managing parental control mechanisms, age verification and age-appropriate content customization in the testimony of the U.S. Senate.