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Is it okay to exercise on an empty stomach?

Is it okay to exercise on an empty stomach?

for exerciseIt is necessary at any time of the day, but in recent years there has been an increasing trend to do it in the morning, when the body is fasting. According to experts, it can bring important health benefits, although in other cases it means serious risks.

The fad of intermittent fasting is here to stay and has begun to be promoted with the development of physical exercise. This type of activity consists of training in the period of time that the athlete has not eaten any type of food since dinner. Hence, you should train and then break your fast. This common practice is called a strategic breakfast.

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This technique refers to exercising 3 or 4 hours after the last meal. That is, exercise 4 hours after eating solid foods or calorie drinks. Although it is a fashionable attitude, it must be done consciously and with the help of a specialist who will advise you in the best way according to what your body needs, so it is important that you take the exercise seriously, because it can be dangerous. physical problems;

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According to experts, exercising on an empty stomach brings a host of benefits such as improving insulin sensitivity, as shown in diabetic patients; reduce recovery time after training; Promote fat loss and improve athletic performance.

On the other hand, there are also some downsides to this practice, such as fainting; Loss of muscle mass and decreased ability to absorb carbohydrates.

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Following this line, it is important to know that no exercise is performed on an empty stomach. In addition to the benefits it can bring, you need to know that those who do not need a lot of strength or fatigue are ideal and should only be performed by experienced people, as you can faint in the middle of a workout.

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