September 25, 2023

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Does cell phone affect health?  See how it works in practice

Does cell phone affect health? See how it works in practice

Living without a mobile phone is impossible for many people. The smartphone has taken over the professional, social and emotional life of man, especially in the face of the pandemic. The problem is that when the dependence on technology is so great that it begins to affect the well-being of each. Find out today How does a cell phone interfere with a user’s health?.

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Watch how the cell phone interferes with health:

1 – It hinders sleep

Some time ago, cell phones posed health risks, mainly due to the frequency of light that the screen emits. Blue light interferes with the release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep and regulation of the body’s biological clock. The presence of cell phone screen illumination directly interferes with the daily cycle.

2- Increases anxiety and stress levels

The amount of information we receive every day via mobile phones is enormous. Too much data that needs to be processed in just 24 hours ends up increasing stress and anxiety levels. Therefore, one of the ways in which a cell phone interferes with health is through the application itself. Turn off notifications a bit for a less busy routine.

3- Cell phones interfere with meals

Since it is used all the time, the cell phone ends up accompanying the person until the moment they sit down to eat. The problem is that this directly interferes with the quality of the meal. Being distracted, the user of the device ends up eating more or even less than they should, and simply not paying attention to the food.

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4- Lack of self-confidence

It has been proven that staying on social media significantly lowers people’s self-esteem. Several studies have shown that the more immersed one lives in the contents of networks, the lower his self-esteem. This is due to the fact that a lot of content about the ideal life is viewed all the time through social profiles.

5- Cell phone use interferes with vision health

Eyestrain and nearsightedness problems are common among the most common mobile phone users. That is, the device has real power to cause vision problems. The ideal is to visit a doctor to analyze the condition of your eyes.

Finally, remember that inappropriate cell phone use can cause tendinitis, panic syndrome, and other problems. Try to use the device moderately and hygienically.