May 26, 2024

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Isadora panics over TV poster of David's Wanted News

Isadora panics over TV poster of David’s Wanted News

Isadora Larissa Manuela is going to panic to see the wanted poster supposedly David (Rafael Vitti) in behind the illusion. The prankster, who now bears the identity of Rafael Antunes, will work in magic and put another picture on the papers scattered throughout the city, and the girl will not remember that she ever saw her face in the soap opera at six in the morning on the Globo.

In this Wednesday Chapter 9, the younger sister of Elisa Larissa Manuela will run with Violet Tapagos (Malo Galle) to the train station in Campos dos Goytacazes, in Rio de Janeiro, after discovering the magic Unjustly accused of killing al-Bakr Escape from prison.

The boy will reach the scene of the accident before mother and daughter and will resort to the most effective trick. With his eyes closed, David will place one hand on a poster and the other on the other. After that, he will quickly leave the station without a trace.

Soon, wife and daughter Matthias Antonio Calloni will appear at the scene and see the bandit’s face stamped on the poster. “This is a bastard,” member Eugenio (Marcelo Novas). “Very strange mom, it seems I’ve never seen this man in my life,” Doreenha frightened.

The girl will comment, “I thought seeing a picture of Davy would bring back all the memories of that summer. But nothing! This guy is so weird!”

Reproduction / TV Globo

The second stage of the Alessandra Poggi competition was held in the 1940s in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro. Also check out our six summaries from Globo that the news Posted daily.

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