May 18, 2024

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Issue 542: Submarines for Australia and the Fight for the Future |  Topic

Issue 542: Submarines for Australia and the Fight for the Future | Topic

The announcement that the United States would supply Australia with submarines, which ran over an agreement worth more than 50 billion US dollars signed by France for the same purpose, sparked a diplomatic crisis between Washington and Paris – which the journalist talks about, in this episode. Adriana Moises, from Radio France Internationale. She explains why, for the country, it was the “decade of the century”, both from an economic point of view and a strategic ambition. He interprets what happened as another sign of the exhaustion of NATO – the military alliance that has united Americans and Europeans since the end of World War II. In an interview with Renata Le Brett, political scientist Matthias Alencastro specifically uses the expression “Indo-Pacific NATO” to refer to the new partnership between the USA, Australia and the UK, which has the background of competition between Americans and Chinese. For him, what is being organized in the region is the “conflict of the future”, while the conflict that ended recently in Kabul will be the struggle of the past. Alencastro says that the European Union has already been affected by 6 months of Joe Biden more than 4 years of Donald Trump, and will have to reinvent itself.

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