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'It stopped my life,' says ex-patient of a surgeon accused of mutilating the nose.

‘It stopped my life,’ says ex-patient of a surgeon accused of mutilating the nose.

Six former patients filed complaints against famous plastic surgeon Alan Landecker, claiming they had a deformed nose and health problems, such as difficulty breathing and a damaged sense of smell, from a post-rhinoplasty infection. The Civil Police of São Paulo investigates cases at two police stations in the city. Previous patients were grouped together and it is estimated that at least 30 people were affected by the physician’s behavior.

Patients have heard before condition They reported that after surgery they had bacterial and fungal infections that led to cartilage loss, months of antibiotic treatment, nasal deformities, and breathing difficulties. A group on WhatsApp called “Alan’s Patients” brings together 17 former patients who claim to have sustained damage from the cosmetic procedure. One of them, who filed a complaint against the doctor, said he had registered 24 people with similar reports.

Among the cases is Dr. Thacio Brito de Lima, 30 years old. After his second surgery on Landeker, in May of this year, he claimed he lost his sense of smell and started having trouble breathing. Today, the infection is still treated with antibiotics. “My quality of life has deteriorated a lot since the surgery. During this time, I’ve gained weight, had to stop working out, and I’m taking antidepressants. It’s been so frustrating for me, it made me stop working out,” she says. He is waiting for medical records to file a complaint.

According to the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat, forensic examinations have been requested for victims who have previously given statements. Five cases are investigated by the 15th DP and one by the 34th DP. Reports are ongoing and, once completed, will be analyzed by the police authority. A doctor’s hearing will take place during the investigations,” he says, in a note.

Surgery was performed on a portion of patients in elite hospitals in São Paulo, such as São Luis de Morumbi, Vila Nova Star, Sirio Libanes and Albert Einstein Israelita. Following these accusations, the surgeon was removed from his activities in Vila Nova Star, Sírio-Libanês and Israelita Albert Einstein.

The Public Ministry of São Paulo and the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo (CRIMSP) have also been revitalized. Seek, inform the Board that investigations involving the doctor are conducted under the confidentiality established by law.

The defense claims that there is no causal relationship between the infections people had and the doctor’s actions. “Whether before, during or after surgery, Dr. Allan and his team provided complete assistance to all patients. This infection did not appear until more than 30 days later for reasons unrelated to any type of behavior by Dr. Allan, says Daniel Bialsky, the surgeon’s attorney.

Attorney Marilia Viridiana Frank de Araujo, 38, was one of the former patients to file a complaint. She had just lost her father when she decided to fulfill her dream of having a structured rhinoplasty, in May this year, with Landecker, at Villa Nova Star Hospital. The goal was to treat a deviated septum and improve the tip of the nose. A month after the operation, it was discovered that he had inflammation and the cartilage had been exposed.

“I was asked to go home to take the medication, but I decided to go to the hospital. My face was disfigured, and I had a bone infection,” he says. I sought another doctor, who was going to ask Landeker to operate on her again, this time at Albert Hospital. The Israeli Einstein. The other doctor told me: Why didn’t he wash his nose? It’s completely rotten,” he recalls. Finally, he had a third operation with another doctor.

Marilia says that to this day she does not have her medical record and has already spent about R$120,000 on three surgeries and medication. She’s on antibiotic treatment and still can’t breathe without using a nostril. “I cry constantly. I suffer for myself and for all (of the wounded). I am so sad, he is tired, he is exhausted,” she says.

Al-Jarrah even sued the lawyer for slander and defamation over posts about the case on his social networks and on YouTube.

Serio Lebanon Hospital said in a note that all patients admitted by the surgeon had been evaluated and “no failures in the care processes carried out were identified.” The foundation has opened an internal ethical and management investigation, which is kept confidential.

He adds in a note: “Serio Hospital Lebanon adheres to the highest standards of hospital infection control and is internationally accredited for its high level of excellence in surgical procedures and care.”

Israelta Albert Einstein Hospital announced, also through a note, that Landeker’s performance is subject to evaluation by the hospital’s medical executive committee. An administrative procedure has been opened for the analysis of medical practice and facts regarding patients treated by the specialist.

Landeker is a full member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Rhinoplasty. In a note, the SBCP declares its concern about the “severity of the infection” and “it is an unusual surgical complication,” and asserts that the surgeon is “internationally recognized for his strong training and experience in the sector, and the hospitals where the surgeries performed are among the most qualified in the the country.”

“The entity advocates that all surgical complications are investigated broadly, so that their causes are properly explained and can contribute to the improvement of specialty and medicine, especially patient safety,” he noted in a note.

Infectious diseases and new surgeries

Model Sarah Cardoso, 29, was among the first to connect with other former patients. “At first it was just a support group, but it grew and we saw that he said the same things to everyone. He said it was a rare case, that made us think it was our fault, and it was never our fault,” he says. She filed a complaint against the doctor at a police station in São Paulo.

Sarah underwent surgery with Landecker in October last year to fix cosmetic issues. After the operation, it was found that the nose had become very large and its tip was always red. In January he sent a picture to the doctor saying he was in pain and expelling a discharge.

He told me I had strep and gave me medicine without any testing. My nose melted at that time,” he says. The following month, he went to São Paulo to undergo reconstructive surgery. He needed a third procedure, and this time the doctor took a mouth graft. “It was painful, my nose was crooked, and my mouth was twisted”.

She estimates that she has already spent about 200,000 Brazilian reals. Today, she uses a spacer in both nostrils, an instrument that allows her to breathe, and you’ll still need to have another operation. He said that if he didn’t take my case, no one would. I always fall in love with his lip,” he says.

The surgeon filed a police report against the model because of the posts she made on social networks.

It was in order to fix an aesthetic issue as well, Thaissio came to Landecker’s office. He underwent surgery in March 2020, and because he did not like the result of the plastic surgery, he decided to undergo a new operation. After the surgery, in May of this year, he started having trouble breathing – and he lost his sense of smell.

Two months later, a wound with cartilage exposure appeared in the septal region and an infectious state. “He told me it was an isolated case, and very unusual for it to happen, and I thought that was my bad luck,” according to his analysis. Thissio decided to find another doctor.

He learned about other issues related to Landecker through newspapers. His big mistake was that he didn’t stop working to understand what was going on when he saw that many patients had infections and resistant bacteria. It was a case of great neglect,” he says.

Landecker’s lawyer notes that people who had problems and continued treatment were “properly treated and satisfied.” “(Alan) cannot be held responsible for the eventual recklessness with which these people treated their wounds, did not comply with recommendations and abandoned treatment with him,” Bialski defends. It also indicates that the bacteria present are prevalent in hospital environments.

Bialsky also asserts that “in the two police investigations against him, there is no evidence that can say that Dr. Allan was wrong or acted recklessly” and that “the defense, whether in the criminal or civil sphere, will take action against him. Anyone who takes lightly to make baseless accusations against him” “.

Wrong information in the medical record

In one of the most serious complaints, a 39-year-old businesswoman who prefers to remain anonymous accuses the doctor of falsifying information in the medical record. She underwent her first surgery in June of last year and has since undergone four more surgeries. She claims that Alan knew it was an infection since her second surgery, but did not warn her. He said that my body rejected the graft and that it was a problem with my body, and that my body had not healed. This was a very rare case,” he says.

She says she cured the infection in December, when she completed six months of non-stop antibiotics and decided to go to Alan’s clinic saying she wouldn’t leave without solving the problem. He reportedly called an infection specialist, who hospitalized her for 20 days, with antibiotics and antifungals treatment. “Before that, he had never asked for a test to see what the infection was, but the medical record says yes,” he says.

The businesswoman also notes that the doctor showed her pictures of an infected nose to show that it was not her condition. “I said I felt something was wrong and asked him to investigate, but he always gave me various medicines and ointments and kept re-opening me,” he says.

She continues to treat the consequences and reports that no physician has accepted her case because it is unsurpassed in the medical literature.

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