May 30, 2024

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Equipe médica e de enfermagem no momento da realização do procedimento inédito na rede

Unimed Bauru performs the first pediatric surgery using a robot

Rogero Lopez / Disclosure

Medical and nursing staff at the time of an unprecedented procedure in the network

In September, the first pediatric robotic surgery was performed at Unimed Hospital Bauru. This procedure is unprecedented in the Unimed system and was considered a success by the doctors, professionals who worked in the procedure, and the patient’s family alike.

“When we refer to robot-assisted surgery, the first big surprise for the family is to learn that this procedure can now be performed at Unimed Bauru, which makes us happy and satisfied by offering this feature to young patients,” explains urologist Marilyse Fernandes, who is in charge of the procedure. .

I had the help of urologists Marcelo Galeso and Marcio Sales, where Proctor Paolo Renato Moscardi, a urologist from São Paulo worked. “Robot-assisted surgery is the latest in medicine, and by being able to use this technology in the interior of the state, we are making space for more children to have access to a minimally invasive surgical technique that is increasingly being used in the best hospitals in the world,” the doctor confirms.


The procedure, called robotic ureteral lithotomy, took about 4 hours. “We had the opportunity to care for a 6-year-old, with a 2cm calculus, which resulted in proximal ureter obstruction. She had colic crises, markedly dilated pelvis and kidneys, as well as presenting terminal sequelae at this college with an important commitment her job,” Marilis explains.

The patient was discharged from the hospital after completing 48 hours of observation, with only mild pain in the surgical incisions.

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