June 12, 2024

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It was on GloboNews.  by kakay

It was on GloboNews. by kakay

Kakai at GloboNews – Photo: clone

Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro, Kakai’s criminal attorney, has published a text about his participation in GloboNews against lavajatism. to last second.

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Kakai talks about GloboNews

A few days ago, I participated in a debate on Operation Lava Jato, conducted by a large-scale broadcaster with a former member of the Curitiba staff. Early on, it was reported that former judge Sergio Moro was the coordinator of the public prosecutors, and the head of the group. Something immoral and illegal, and this proves our thesis that it is a manipulation of the judiciary and the public prosecution.

After agreeing, looking at my interlocutor’s silence, I no longer had to worry about him. I fixed on the boss. It was astonishing to see the former attorney general defend that Bolsonaro had cheated Sergio Moro and thus accepted that he was justice minister in the fascist government.

Could it be that the desire for power was such that the former judge, with his famous and refined experience in the fight against corruption, did not see that he was supporting a corrupt person? Did you not take into account the simple and accessible fact that you were supporting an outright militia? Could it be that the former judge, with all the privileged information he always had, had no information about the family of the President of the Republic? Haven’t you heard of the well-known cracks?

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How do you imagine an experienced former criminal judge, who sold himself as an anti-corruption campaigner – his only false knowledge – subjugates himself to being the Minister of Justice of a admittedly corrupt administration? Didn’t the clever former judge notice the countless excesses of the group that supported the government he helped elect? Didn’t you find the gratuitous enrichment of your ex-boss and your family strange? So he is too discerning and hard-wired to deal with the fairy tales, now revealed, about the apartment in Guarujá and the farm in Atibaia?

Even if you’re a hypocrite, there has to be a limit, or else you’ll end up looking silly. This former judge, still wearing his robe over his shoulders, accepted to be Minister of Justice in the government he helped elect by arresting his main opponent. The sacred tiara, symbolizing independence and neutrality, was insulted by him. It has unnecessarily slapped the judiciary and exposed thousands of serious judges and supervisors located across the country.

How are there still people who believe in this false anti-corruption narrative by the former judge? As a judge, use an iron fist to hunt down politicians for big money. However, as Minister of Justice, he declared that he had “personal confidence” in his fellow minister, Onyx Lorenzoni, who assumed he had spent huge sums of money, but should be pardoned, “because he apologized and regretted”. He invented a new method of amortizing punishment: nepotism.

A minister who lived for over a year with countless wrongdoings practiced by his boss, the president, never taking any action, and committing the crime of evasiveness as a serial killer. He left the government only because of a power struggle after a period of deep frying and countless public humiliation promoted by the pocket group.

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In fact, anyone who knows the former judge knows exactly how to act and it wasn’t much of a surprise. Had he and the group of prosecutors he orchestrated, had an intellectual coherence, when the ring of public service admission in exchange for the expulsion of the main opponent from the election—who was in first place—the prosecutors would have demanded his arrest and he would have decided to be arrested himself. After all, and much less, dozens of people were arrested.

An unbridled search for power at any cost blinded the former judge and his gang. What is incomprehensible is that this sale has also blinded the thousands of Brazilians who still believe in it.

The wrong and moral anti-corruption rhetoric doesn’t expose them to ridicule anymore because they don’t know what could be ridiculous. Just remember the former president’s self-serving conversation leak episode. When it was revealed that the former judge had published the audio recordings, he defended himself arguing that what was relevant was the content of the conversations, not the way they were obtained.

However, when he was caught by a hacker – the holy hacker – in criminal conversations with the plaintiffs, he refused to confront the content, holed up in a method of obtaining the conversations, and no longer defended the authenticity of the content.

It is the search for power at any cost. Now, we can only hope that the Brazilians have eyes to see that the idol has feet of mud and that the king is naked.

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Remind everyone of the magician Mia Koto in Cego’s poem:

A blind man is one who closes his eyes and sees nothing.
Eyelids closed, I see light. Like someone looking at the sky from the front.
Some call the darkness the inner twilight.
A blind man is one who opens his eyes only when he thinks of himself.

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