May 24, 2024

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Itabira confirmed 488 people are in home isolation by Covid-19

Itabira confirmed 488 people are in home isolation by Covid-19

This Sunday (19), and Itabira City CouncilThrough its epidemiological bulletin, it reported only three new cases Corona Virus in the last 24 hours. Now, Itabira has 222,137 patients confirmed to have the disease since the start of the pandemic. In addition, 21,121 have recovered from the disease.

In all, 488 people remain in isolation at home. These patients follow home treatment protocols because they have mild or no symptoms. Also, some of them may still be waiting for test results.

The hospital units in Itapira house six patients with this disease, of whom three are hospitalized; and three patients in intensive care beds (ICU). There are no Itabira patients admitted to hospitals in other cities.

The occupancy rate of intensive care beds is 14%. Among the patients, two are from Itabiranos and one from Barao de Cocais. In the Covid-19 ward, occupancy is 6%. This number reflects hospitalizations of seven patients from Itabira and five people from other cities.


In continuation of the Covid-19 vaccination schedule, the Department of Health will apply next week the second dose of the immunizing agent Corona. On Monday, 20 people who took the first dose on August 23 received a booster dose. Tuesday (21) will be for those who received their first dose on August 24.

On both days, people 18 years of age or older who have not yet taken their first dose can be vaccinated. This stage of immunization will take place exclusively at the command center in town hall.

To receive the vaccine, it is necessary to present an original identification document with photo, CPF number and vaccination card, as well as proof of address. Industrial workers outside the city are also required to file a declaration of employment.

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The second dose guarantees immunity

It is important to remember that only with the second dose vaccination, people are protected from Covid-19, because, according to the Ministry of Health, without completing the vaccination, the organism has not been sensitized enough to produce all the antibodies necessary to fight it. virus. Full immunization of the entire population is essential to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SMS advises that people who are late in getting the booster and cannot get their vaccination in the car can search for the Family Health Program (PSF) units closest to their home to schedule a vaccination.