May 30, 2024

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"It's out of despair and relief"

“It’s out of despair and relief”


The actor, in conversation with Paolo Andre and Pedro Scobe, recalled what happened two days ago

Photo: Reproduction / BBB / TV Globo
Photo: Reproduction / BBB / TV Globo

The day before yesterday (16) as everyone knows, Natalia He drank a lot, breathed, and admitted that he felt comfortable in his friendship Lyn da Quebrada And the Jesse. However, she crossed the line and threw things on the floor, receiving warnings from the managers. Before it all started, I had a long conversation with her Slovenia On the dance floor, picking up courage.

“Imagine you are in a circle and being like that (someone’s face is just looking). Which is not something that happens today. It is something that always happens. Sometimes, I’m in the loop and I don’t have a chance to speak. Somehow, we feel unworthy or unloved.”mentioned. stylehe replied: “talk to them”.

after what happened Slovenia Try to help and calm down Natalia. This caught the attention of some of the brothers Arthur. Today (18) the topic was raised again, and, according to the actor, there was relief and despair in the situations of the sister. in conversation with Paulo AndreHe said: “When will I see Nat crying on Eslô’s lap? And there Eslô helps her.”.

“I like her way of greeting a girl when she was frustrated, but I couldn’t imagine it. Maybe he misjudged, but it’s something I can’t look at and I don’t think it’s out of desperation and relief. Hasn’t something changed?”he added. Scooby Agree and conclude: “If I moved, by chance I changed by chance at the time I needed to.”.