October 1, 2023

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GKay e Sonia Abrao

Jakayi criticizes Sonia Abrau and leaves the interview after criticizing Farova: “Shit Show!” ; Watch

We see! nonsense involving JKAY And the Sonia Abram He had a new chapter on Monday (13), during the singer’s birthday party Simaria. In May, Commanderafternoon to you“Criticize influential, noting that it is unfair to spend 8 million Brazilian riyals on “Farofa da GKay”, while people are starving in the country. Yesterday, while being interviewed by TV network!Jessica responded to the criticism and refused to continue talking to the channel.

to me gshowLast month, GKay said that this year’s “farofa” will cost three times as much as its predecessor. “According to my calculations so far, it is already close to R$8 million. It is an investment out of my pocket. I don’t know where I am going to get that much money from! People think my motive is money. It’s money too, because everyone loves it, and everyone wants it. But In this case, I want to take it and spend it all on “Farofa”. Invest everything in the party “He said.

However, the statement left Sonia Abrau angry at the scale of the investment, calling the influencer “ridiculous.” “Look, to say you’re going to spend R$8 million on a party, in a country where people are dying of starvation, is a lack of conscience. If it’s that strong, spend 4 [milhões]And the Which seems to cost the party, and the other four help put together a social plan to distribute food to people in need.”suggest journalist.

“I don’t think it fits for a moment like this, very delicate and difficult. We are in a country where people are unemployed and starving. Suppose you are going to spend 8 million Brazilian reals, people, put your hands on your conscience and stop being cynical”shot.

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Yesterday, the program team led by Sonia were at Simaria’s 40th birthday party, in São Paulo, and they chatted with JK. However, a video posted by Diego Campagnoli showed that the comedian used the space to send a very direct message to the presenter. “She doesn’t even know what she was talking about. Find out, like, what you’re going to say before you start talking about the people on your bullshit show,” flower. Then the influencer left in the middle of the interview and refused to come back. jeez! just spy:

Despite the fallout from the video, Sonia Abrau has not commented on it yet. In her social networks, Gessica Kayane also did not touch on this topic.

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