May 24, 2024

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Jessi and Eslô are the first to be excluded from an immunity test

Jessi and Eslô are the first to be excluded from an immunity test

No immunity in the first week ofBBB 22″ (TV Globo) for sisters Jessi and Eslô. The couple who objected to the show’s first audition were disqualified, after nearly five hours of competition.

In the competition played by Pipocas onlyParticipants must he caught me Four cubes and hold them in a row while balancing them to the bell Play. The race was played in the “third dimension,” and in the meantime, the Camarote team stayed home.

Jesse e style They had a spat several times during the test. Among them, when Slovenia warned the teacher that the secret of the dispute would not be strength, but the way. Before the cubes collapsed, Jesse alerted the duo that they were having a rough time. “I can’t do that anymore, really. I have severe back pain.”

Another point of tension between the duo was when the Pernambuco native turned to talk to other brothers, and Jesse caught their attention. “Woman, don’t turn around, when you flip it over it disturbs everything.” “I don’t turn around, my love,” Eslô replied.

The feud continues between the spouses: Eliezer and Rodrygo; Vinicius and Natalia; Luciano, Lucas, Lies and Barbara.