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Joao Light, Kavunga, River: The defender has a chance to be the second greatest champion in the history of Atlético MG |  Athlete - mg

Joao Light, Kavunga, River: The defender has a chance to be the second greatest champion in the history of Atlético MG | Athlete – mg

No matter what happens this Saturday or the rest of 2022: Defender River is already part of 114 years of history Atletico MG. After all, the approach is enviable: 315 matches, 30 goals, 11 titles won. And if the 12th comes in the Campeonato Mineiro final against Cruzeiro, the defender will jump to second place among the most champions in the white jersey.

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River can win 11th title with Atletico MG – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico MG

River arrived at Atletico in 2010, after a hiatus in Wolfsburg, in German football. The first trophy to be lifted came in 2012, namely at Campeonato Mineiro. That same year, he hit the Rays in Brazil, winning second place (he ended up being champion Fluminense).

In 2013, after winning another Mineiro, then came one of the main titles in the history of the club, the unprecedented Libertadores – already as captain. The following year, Galo, also for the first time, raised the bar Brazil Cup over the biggest competitor. Then came the South American Recoba.

The defender left for Internacional in 2015, then went to Flamengo and returned to Atlético only in 2019, to lift five more titles. Minas Gerais champion in 2020 and 2021, Brazilian, from Brazil Cup And finally, the Super Cup in 2022.

Don’t lose count: There are 10 Gallo and River titles on the team. He remains the club’s second leading scorer with 30 goals. Leo Silva, 36, is the leader of the ranking.

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This Saturday, River stand a chance of winning their eleventh title with Atletico, directly on top of their biggest rivals. If he succeeds, he will only reach goalkeeper Kavunga, one of the club’s historical names. In his 20 years at the club, between 1935 and 1954, the legendary archer lifted 11 titles, 10 Mineros encounters and the Champions Cup – In 1937, Gallo is now seeking a Brazilian title.

Formation of Atletico with Kavanga in the 1930s – Photo: The National Public Archives

The greatest hero in the history of Atlético is also a goalkeeper, whose name is Joao Light. The player with the most white shirts, with 684 appearances (between 1976-1988 and 1991-1992), Joao lifted 12 official club titles – 11 official titles and the CONMEBOL Cup, in 1992.

Joao Light, former Atletico MG goalkeeper – Photo: clone/TV Globo

River titles in Atlético

  • 2022: Brazilian Super Cup
  • 2021: Mineiro Championship, Brazil Championship and Brazil Cup
  • 2020: Mineiro Championship
  • 2014: Brazil Cup And the Recoba South America
  • 2013: Libertadores and Campeonato Mineiro
  • 2012: Mineiro Championship

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