June 21, 2024

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Journalists compare Botafogo and Vasco in Serie B and see Alvenegro cast 'much worse'

Journalists compare Botafogo and Vasco in Serie B and see Alvenegro cast ‘much worse’

NS Botafogo It is the third place in B . series, with 38 points in 22 games, and is in a strong struggle for access. actually Basque He has 32 points from 23 games and is ninth, far from the top of the table. Clubs status was a target for comparisons in “SporTV Newsroom” this Tuesday.

the host Marcelo Barretto Bring up the topic, when talking about Vasco’s 3-1 defeat in front of Hawaii.

– Vasco has a similar teacher, Botafogo, who may not have the same political problems, but has serious or more serious financial problems. It’s hard to put together a team. And she’s campaigning much closer to reaching Vasco, and struggling to get up, in the G-4 – Barreto said.

– Oh Botafogo has a much worse staff than Vasco – Opinion Thales ax, in a comment made by Marcelo Barreto and Edano Andre Motta agreed.

Vasco and Avai, for me, were the most likely teams to reach. I think they have more intense teams, more experienced players, because in the second division there is talk of investing in younger players, but if you have more investment, you recruit experienced players. I think Avai, although in battle, is also campaigning below. I think up to this point in the championship, Vasco is not a team that is fighting for access – Thales continued.

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