May 28, 2024

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Watching location, fixtures, lineups

Watching location, fixtures, lineups

Chapecoense and Fluminense measure strength, starting at 9:30 p.m. (Brazilian time) this Tuesday (7) at Arena Condá, in western Santa Catarina. In the match, valid for the 19th round of the Brazilian Championship, the hosts are looking for their first victory in the competition, and for this, they spent seven days of training with coach Bentado.

“The merit belongs to these athletes, from this group I am sure that after this break in the season we will become even stronger. The board of directors made an effort so that we can win these days, and the players also realized that this effort is important. So, the positive moment is very great. , but with our feet on the ground, knowing that we have a responsibility, which is a very difficult match,” said the coach.

Fluminense drew 1-1 with Juventus in the Maracana. The tournament’s top scorer, Fred, will remain, and the Argentine-born substitute will be Raul Bobadilla. Absent-back Egidio is also in pain, so Danilo Barcellos should be Marcao’s pick.

“It’s a group where we need everyone. We have to understand, in the next game, that there is a player who is out of production and another player is going to join in. It will be the same, and he will continue to be in production. We have a very homogeneous group and I’m sure we will use them all,” said a team leader. Larangeras, “And we will get everyone’s help.”

Chape is the lantern of Brazil with only 7 points. The tricolor occupies the 12th place in the table with 22 points.

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Where to watch Chapecoense and Fluminense

TV Globo e premiere

Possible band from Chapecoense

  • Keeler.
  • Matthews Ribeiro, Caddo, Jordan, Bosanillo;
  • Alan Santos and Anderson Litt & Diner;
  • Bruno Silva, Anselmo Ramon E. Mike.

Possible escalation of Fluminense

  • Marcus Philip
  • Samuel Xavier, Nino, Lucas Claro and Danilo Barcellos;
  • Andre, Martinelli and Iago;
  • Luiz Henrique, Luca and Bobadilla.

Writing with Agência Brasil