May 30, 2024

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Juju Salimeni talks about fake friendships and love life

Juju Salimeni talks about fake friendships and love life

Presenter Jogo Salmini, 34, opened her heart by talking about friendships and her love life. She said that resuming her love life after her engagement to Felipe Franco ended was one of the hardest things she faced.

“It was the hardest thing I’ve faced in my entire life so far. We stumble into situations that don’t make us any happier out of fear of the unknown. Humans would rather agonize over what they already know than open up, but when you can see and accept to be free, God shows you the reason for it all!” Today I understand God’s timing and decisions,” he said on Instagram.

A fan asked her how to end a relationship for years and live in another one. After that, I also talked about friendships. She said she had few friends, and said she didn’t want anyone else in her life.

“Very few friends, you can count in only one hand. Time and experience have shown me that you cannot trust anyone. I am tired of being disappointed with ‘friends.’ I don’t want to put any more into my life,” he said.

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