June 23, 2024

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Kanwas has 5 cases of dengue fever in three districts

Kanwas has 5 cases of dengue fever in three districts

Photo: Gustavo Garbino / Canoas City Council

The first death from dengue fever in Rio Grande do Sul, announced by the state government last week, has reactivated the state of alert to maintain care to prevent the disease. Currently in Canoas there are 25 suspected and 5 confirmed cases of dengue, all contracted outside the municipality, and people residing in the Matias Felho and Estancia neighborhoods have Velha and Ijara.

At these sites, field work has already begun with endemic agents from the Municipal Health Department, who conduct larval research in characteristics to detect potential larval and mosquito infestations, spray insecticides and provide guidance to residents. Insecticides are only sprayed in areas where cases of dengue, chikungunya or Zika virus have been confirmed.

The veterinarian for epidemiological surveillance, Roger Halla, explains that the teams are on alert, monitoring the areas where there are patients, so that the disease does not spread in the city itself. “If a mosquito bites a sick person, depending on how long, if the insect bites another citizen, it can infect him.”

It also stresses the need for the local community to play its role in eliminating mosquito infestations, maintaining cleanliness of yards, avoiding the accumulation of stagnant water, and cleaning gutters and water tanks. “The important thing is to eradicate mosquitoes because without mosquitoes there is no dengue,” he asserts.

Working with the community

Veterinarian Elisangela Pavilio Teixeira, who works in Environmental Surveillance for Municipal Health and Zoonoses, explains that surveillance teams work year-round to prevent disease, sometimes in areas where there are cases of dengue, both imported and contracted. in boats. In addition to updating the property registry, teams – in uniform and bearing badges – conduct yard searches for a focus point, providing guidance to residents and those responsible for removing and/or protecting potential breeding sites by excluding litter and all and any container that may contain on the water.

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Dengue fever cases in recent years

2019: 101

2020: 74

2021: 2

2022: 5