June 23, 2024

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- Representatives agree to rush the nursing floor in the Federal Nursing Council

– Representatives agree to rush the nursing floor in the Federal Nursing Council

This Tuesday, parliamentarians took the stage to praise the category and importance of PL

The urgent request for the bill establishing the minimum Brazilian nursing salary PL 2564/2020 was approved in the plenary session of the House of Representatives on Tuesday (22/3) by 458 votes in favour, 10 against. The project under the urgency system is exempt from some formalities, including the analysis of the thematic committees, and putting it on the agenda of the deliberative session after approval.

However, the agreement among the party leaders is that deliberation will take place after five weeks of studying the two chambers (the House of Representatives and the Senate), to enable the source of the funds that will support the floor.

placement in Chamber’s agenda It was agreed with the head of the house, Arthur Lyra. In the chamber’s green hall, Betania Santos, President of the Federal Council of Nursing (Coven) celebrated. “The Nursing Assessment is urgent. This vote is the result of a lot of mobilization and dialogue. Now, we will continue to educate Federal Representatives to agree to our salary limit,” Cofen President, Betânia Santos celebrated.

We view this urgent approval as a first victory. It was a commitment that Arthur Lyra made with us last week. This approval means that the process in the committees has been waived and this is our main progress. The class was mobilized and I believe in the sensitivity of parliamentarians to agree to this agenda, which nursing has been waiting for,” said Federal Chancellor Daniel Menezes.

This issue has received more and more official support as it moves through the House of Representatives. This Tuesday, several parliamentarians sat on the podium to pay tribute to the class and importance of this project.

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Senate Law No. 2564/2020 provides for a minimum of R$4,750 for nurses and relative values ​​of 70% for technicians and 50% for assistants and midwives. “The approved values ​​are the result of broad agreement and already take into account the budgetary realities of the various affected entities,” confirms Cofen President, Betânia Santos.

Project path Draft 2564/20 was approved unanimously in the Senate after several hearings and public debates. Since the end of last year, it has been passing through Parliament, where a working group was formed to determine the cost of its implementation. Having heard from several sectors, his annual impact was estimated at R$16 billion.

source: Ascom – Covin