June 22, 2024

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Kanye West says he couldn't go to his daughter's birthday until after Travis Scott gave the address

Kanye West says he couldn’t go to his daughter’s birthday until after Travis Scott gave the address

Kanye West only attended Christmas thanks to Travis Scott.

This Saturday, Kanye West released a video complaining about not receiving the address of his daughter’s birthday party in Chicago, which he had with Kim Kardashian. The kid turned four on Saturday and the rapper has yet to receive a party venue address, let alone the Kardashian family’s desire to pass by. In the video, Kanye is seen driving his car while speaking. “I want to wish Chicago a happy birthday. I love you, happy birthday, Chicago. They didn’t give me my daughter’s party address. It would make her feel like I wasn’t there for her.”

Kanye then continued, saying he would not allow “the narrative to be controlled.” Many people push their parents away from their homes. Lots of moms and grandmothers do this, but I won’t let that happen. I won’t let them play with me.” The artist said. Hours later, a video was released in which the artist appears next to Kris Jenner on his birthday, which made many people wonder who was going to give the address of the place, and now we finally know who he is.

In another video circulating online, Kanye West thanked Travis Scott for sending him the address of his daughter’s birthday party: “I just have to thank Travis Scott for sending me the address and making sure I can pass on this birthday memory with my daughter.” Chicago’s birthday coincided with the birthday of her cousin Stormi, daughter of Kylie Jenner.

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