May 18, 2024

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Katja Fonseca meets Anna Maria Braga at Mais Você

Katja Fonseca meets Anna Maria Braga at Mais Você

Presenter Katia Fonseca was face to face on screen… Globo! Just like this: she took part in a promotional work for a clothing brand and spoke with Ana Maria Braga.

When Ana Maria left Record in 1999, leaving “Note e Anote”, it was Katia Fonseca who replaced her. The presenter went to Globo with Louro José to create “Mais Você”. Katia Fonseca will still work at TV Gazeta and will, in 2018, return to television with the show “Melhor da Tarde” on The Band.

The meeting was virtual, in which Katya recorded a message for Ana:

A pleasure to be here with you, when I came out of Note and Note and I assumed my dream was to find you, but our paths never materialized. A fan thing, very special to me. Katia Fonseca

Anna thanked her for the affection while promoting the sponsor’s work.

A meeting with a special someone I had never found. Katya has always been very affectionate in this relationship. Anna Maria Braga

Ana Maria Braga left RecordTV to go to Globo in 1999

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

Through the networks, the crossover was almost like the “Avengers” saga. Fans celebrated the meeting, albeit virtual and involved business, together. The two presenters meticulously presented their television careers through programs that included entertainment and cooking.

And when she saw Palmirinha, remember?

Ana Maria Braga - Joao Cotta / TV Globo - Joao Kota / TV Globo

Ana Maria Braga welcomes Palmerina to her program

Photo: Joao Cotta/TV Globo

I Grandma found Palmirinha in 2019, when the presenter invited for a special Easter breakfast.

Palmirinha was grateful for the help she received from Ana Maria Braga when she arrived at the Note e Anote.

Is a tripartite meeting coming up?

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