May 24, 2024

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Kim Kardashian Reveals What Kendall Jenner Said In MET Party Pictures That Became a Mimi. paying off!

The end of the mystery! Since last Monday (13), Memes enveloping appearance Kim kardashian to me with a party Never stop appearing on social media. In one, netizens enjoyed seeing the businesswoman and her sister meet, Kendall Jenneron the red carpet. This Thursday (16), Kim revealed what the model told her at the time.

The scenes, in and of themselves, are far from funny. In the photos, Kendall appeared next to her sister and they tried to talk, but there was only one problem: Kim’s clothes, which literally covered her from head to toe. According to star Kardashian, that was exactly what happened in that moment that was captured by the paparazzi. “Kendall was calling my name and I couldn’t see who he was, but I saw the outlines of her bright dress”, the inspiring said on her Instagram profile. Whoever sees close, does not see running, right?

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Kim herself joined the wave of jokes and spoke on the topic this afternoon (17). The owner of SKIMS posted a photo of Kendall and could not determine if the photo was in the background. “I can’t tell if this is me or if it is really her shadow. In fact, this is a discussion in the family group”, I wrote. Kim also shared another funny record, in which she appeared in the background of her mother’s photo, as if she was a shadow. “here I am!!!”Kardashian commented, enjoying the situation. look at me:

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Kim Kardashian also joked about appearing as a shadow in his family photos. (Images: clone/Instagram)

Of course, faced with such a scenario, there was no shortage of memes all over the web! Especially for the contrast between Kim and Kendall… while many left their creativity to ponder these conversations between the two. “Kim, can you see me under that mask?” ‘I sure can!’Profile jokingly.

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And there was a comparison between Kim and some monsters…

With a dementor, in the best “Harry Potter” style…

Similarities with Anxiety? Yes!

And even with… a women’s restroom sign! It seems correct.

“Kim Kardashian serves us realism at the Women’s Bathroom Council.”

There are still plenty of people who have reproduced the concept of a hood from head to toe, while, in general, the internet died laughing with all this story. Thank you, Kim Kardashian, for providing more memorable moments on this red carpet. See more feedback below:

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