June 22, 2024

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Kovid is once again scaring England

Kovid is once again scaring England

whats going on United Kingdom? The bad times seem to be over, too Corona virus disease It was a distant memory. Instead, the Flyers are forcing London to take a dangerous step backwards, at least in terms of numbers. In the last 24 hours, nearly 45,000 new cases and 145 deaths have been reported, with more than 43,000 infections and 148 victims in the previous day. The British media also pointed to another aspect. The number of infections confirmed last week was 12.8% higher than the week of October 3-9, and the death rate was 5.4%.

New alarm?

In addition to mere statistical data, it is important to monitor health status. As I mentioned RepublicThere was traffic congestion outside UK hospitals Ambulance Due to the increase in recent cases. Not only that: Physicians and paramedics explain that there will be emergency departmentsOn the edge of the abyssThe formula refers to the dark days of the first two epidemic waves that occurred in 2020 and 2021.

If sustained, the UK will have to deal with a trend that could be very dangerous, considering that the situation has already reached a critical point. In fact, for the fourth day in a row the positive tests reach the ceiling. 40,000 people were injured. Hospitals were able to cope with the inevitable increase in fall infections, increased infection of new strains and the removal of any restrictions that increased. But recent posts say otherwise.

Between worry and worry

But for now, concerns are growing in the light of the future. Oh Drainage system Can the increase in infection be controlled? Oh Defender He wrote that many patients had to be admitted to the hospital by ambulance, sometimes waiting up to 11 hours. Reason: Disability Location And some People Emergency room.

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But be careful, because – this is a difference from the past – not all patients who are ‘stopped’ in ambulances have a govt. These are people who need to be hospitalized for a variety of reasons and diseases. The truth is, the adverse effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection have put pressure on hospitals and emergency care. The question many ask is clear: what will happen if Govt wakes up? If the corona virus is currently found to be an indirect cause of hospital congestion, it cannot be ruled out that it may become a direct cause. As in recent times.

At least for now, let’s remember that there is no longer any involvement in and around London, although social distance has evaporated like snow in the sun. In fact, the UK was the first European country to return to normalcy. Whatever it is, Boris Johnson It doesn’t seem ready – even from what was announced in previous months – to back off. Emergency health leave.