June 20, 2024

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McPlant (Imagem: divulgação/McDonald

McDonald’s begins to test its own vegetable meat in the United States

McDonald’s announced this week that it will launch the first open tests of its plant-based meat in the United States called McPlant. The trial period covers only seven stores in the country and during this time burgers will be served to customers for a limited time.

Some of McDonald’s competitors already have some options for vegetable meat on the menu, similar to Burger King, which offers Impossible Burger in the US and Rebel in Brazil. The delay can be explained by a small difference in the case of the fast food chain: the American brand developed its own burger, Beyond Meat.


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McPlant (Image: Revelation / McDonald’s)

According to McDonald’s, McPlant includes sesame bread, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and a slice of cheese. Even with vegetable meat, the choice of ingredients for the sandwich does not make the product vegetarian, but vegetarian – as Burger King does with Rebels.

The list of ingredients for vegetable meats is limited to peas, rice, potatoes and recipe fast food restaurants. This means that Beyond, which covers some locations in Brazil, cannot be found in the markets that sell its products.

The McDonald’s McPlant will be purchased from November

McPlant Tests Nov. Starting at 3, the sandwich will be available for a limited time at seven restaurants located in the United States alone. The list of places is as follows:

  • Irving
  • Carrollton
  • Cedar Falls
  • Jennings
  • Charles Lake
  • Second
  • Manhattan Beach
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Some countries in Europe, such as Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom, have already received these tests. In these places, the same logistics were now used in the country of McDonald’s birth: McPlant is available for a limited time and in some restaurants at the same time.

Via: McDonald’s.

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