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Kuo says iPhone 14 Pro Max will launch a Periscopic camera with powerful optical zoom

Kuo says iPhone 14 Pro Max will launch a Periscopic camera with powerful optical zoom

Update (08/18/2021) – FM

After discovering a patent for pop-up cameras in July signed by Apple, new information reinforces that future high-tech mobile phones will be equipped with powerful lenses, bringing with them Significant increase in zooming ability an act iPhone 14 Pro Max, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst in the field.

New technology must ensure that future smartphones are in line iPhone 14 – Scheduled for launch in 2022 – It has undergone major changes to its design, aimed at accommodating the new lens lineup.

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Along with Kuo’s new information, more corporate patents were seen at the US Patent and Trademark Office, the US regulatory body that manages intellectual property. NS Obviously the apple He released a familiar blueprint detailing the build of the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s internal camera module.

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According to the portal, the office published last Tuesday (17) at least 53 documents referring to the matter. It is worth noting that some patents cover not only the iPhone, but may also describe the periscope zoom technology intended for users. apple glassesAR/VR glasses also planned for 2022.

Original text (07/13/2021)

a An apple A new periscopic camera system has been developed for Iphone For years, with the aim of reducing the physical space occupied by lenses inside and outside devices and mitigating the risk of accidental damage without damaging them photographic performance.

A new patent filed with the US regulatory agency indicates that this technology is near its inception. According to a document from the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Cupertino giant Developed its own periscope camera solutionThis new system must be revealed in the coming years.

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The patent is titled “Folding Camera” and, according to the drawings, fits a periscope unit, including two prisms and a set of independent lenses located in between. This lens can be moved freely to combine features such as Optical stabilization and autofocus.

Technology will allow for an extension Significant increase in zooming ability of iPhones, currently limited to up to 2.5x, equipped with iPhone 12 Pro Max. Periscopic Systems currently offer up to 10x optical zoom lenses, such as Huawei P40 Pro Plus it’s the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The devices are expected to carry this technology for years to come. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with trusted sources at Apple, noted that the first iPhones with a periscope camera will be announced in 2022, but Changed its forecast for 2023. However, other information from insiders still points to its debut next year.

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Regardless of the date of availability, the patent indicates that the big tech was finally able to develop a solution that does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of other companies, which is why its production has been limited to existing technology. With this, it is expected that iPhone 14 where iPhone 15 Great comfort retired lenses.

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