September 23, 2023

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Larissa Manuela, 21, wears a stylish bikini and exudes a good figure

After commending the partnership with Rava Veti in the movie Beyond Illusion, Larissa Manuela He returned to beauty extravagance and sensuality on social networks. This time young She was captured in the pool of a luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro, highlighting her empowerment.

With her low-cut bikini, she didn’t skimp on the daring and even popped an alluring look. ““My path is illuminated by the light that I carry in my heart,” she said.

“Our people, but it’s a little bitelzinho,” praised the young man. “The hottest muse of summer,” said the second person. “I was shocked by the beauty of this young woman,” the latter joked.

feel safe

After acting in the children’s series, Larissa Manuela She showed her sexiest side in the Netflix movie Lulli. When recording scenes with the actor Vinicius Reid said she felt relaxed and very prepared for the hot scenes.

“I felt very safe doing the scene. I actually worked with the team. He cared and took care of handling the scene – I would say not sexual, but sensual. It was my first time on set and I had a really nice partner. It’s important that we talk about it. After Everything, I’m also developing. For me, it was never a taboo, but it still is for a large part of society.”

After that, she He said he didn’t feel invaded. “I’ve never felt invaded. I had the pleasure of noticing such care and then seeing the result. It’s a beautiful and lover’s sight. It’s clear what has happened. He noted that in my other works, no matter how much you talk about it, there has never been a more intimate scene.” Like this time.”

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personal stage

Already in conversation ho magazine, Larisa confirmed that she is not with anyone after the last relations. According to her, the moment is self-knowledge.

“Oh, I’m still very young. So all the stages are new and serve as a learning experience. Single or not, I love being with family and friends, even though I’ve been a little far away in these pandemic times. Now my work cadence is really strong. So I can To say that everything is under control. It was a little of what I said above. I am always surrounded by the people I love, whether it is family, close friends or my work, which fills me so much,” he revealed to the world.

paying off:

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