June 20, 2024

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Leakers say Samsung will replace Android with Fuchsia OS on their phones

Leakers say Samsung will replace Android with Fuchsia OS on their phones

Samsung can Abandon Android and adopt Fuchsia OS as an operating system for their future smartphones. The news was revealed by the well-known and trusted Dohyun Kim.

Shortly thereafter, Ice Universe also cooperated with the rumors, both of whom believed that this software change should only happen in the medium term.

Released in 2016, Fuchsia OS is still relatively “raw” and is currently It can only be found on Google Nest Hub. The search giant aims to make the system initially grow in the smart home segment to reach smartphones later.

Of course, Samsung won’t be the only manufacturer to “ditch Android” and move to Fuchsia OS, as Google aims to make the transition happen at scale.

In the case of the South Korean giant, it is not new for the company to be Collaborating on the development of the new program. Recently, the brand has started to get more involved in this process and this was evident even in Wear OS certification on Galaxy Watch devices.

In general, Fuchsia OS is not much different from Android for the end user, the main change lies in the base of the operating system. Currently, Linux is used as a reference in Android, while Fuchsia is built on the basis of Zircon microkernel (written in C).

Looking forward to Fuchsia OS? Could the software be the great alternative to Android? Let us know what you think here in the comments.