May 20, 2024

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Leaving Afghanistan: Biden Wants the US to Stop Being "The World's Police" and Become a "Friendly Leader" |  Globalism

Leaving Afghanistan: Biden Wants the US to Stop Being “The World’s Police” and Become a “Friendly Leader” | Globalism

US exit from Afghanistan It may be an indication that United State They don’t want to be what they used to be. In addition to the shock of leaving him in a hurry obsceneAnd USA President , Joe BidenNow he’s talking about a broader movement: to stop using its vast military resources to impose American order and values ​​across the planet.

This resolution on Afghanistan is not only about AfghanistanThis was historic for many, Biden said in a speech Thursday (2), adding, “This is about ending an era of conducting major military operations to rebuild other nations.” “Human rights will be at the heart of our foreign policy, but the way to achieve this is not through endless displacements.” added. He stressed that “our strategy must change.”

Benjamin Haddad, director of the Atlantic Council at the Institute of International Relations, classified the speech as “One of the most articulate rejection of liberal globalism by any American president in decades.” For some Americans who like to see their country as one indomitable superpower, this announcement may come as a shock. However, for most people, according to polls, Biden’s role is likely to be popular.

Where Trump and Biden agree

From a common sense perspective, the presidency Biden was supposed to be the opposite of the government of his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. It is true that since Biden’s inauguration on January 20 this year, many things have changed: from the decoration of the White House to the return of the United States to the Paris climate agreement. but Abandoning “endless military adventures” – what his critics refer to as the US’s role as the “world’s policeman” – is something Trump has already championed.

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Regarding Afghanistan, the Opinion polls show strong support for troops to leave (77% according to a Washington Post poll with ABC News), Although Biden is being criticized for his chaotic retreat.

Despite this, Biden differs from Trump’s isolationism in his enthusiasm for seeking alliances. Biden’s theory is that the US would not be proud of being “the police of the world,” but that it could be a friendly leader.. His government moved quickly to bring Washington back to the center of the tortuous negotiations between great powers and Iran over its nuclear program, the climate deal and traditional alliances such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).