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Leclerc takes lead on home ground and leads FP1 in Formula 1 Monaco GP - F1 news

Leclerc takes lead on home ground and leads FP1 in Formula 1 Monaco GP – F1 news

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The Formula 1 arrived in Monte Carlo! The more traditional race has been shown in the class calendar as the end of May already indicates. This Friday (27th), F1 They took to the streets of Monaco to open the weekend and do their first free practice session. If today is in danger of precipitation, that is not what the sky showed during these 60 minutes. With the heat and the open sky, who got the best was Charles Leclerc.

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This was the first practice in which the softest tires in the range that were released by Pirelli came out with barely the softest tires. The Ferrari He started from the front, but saw red bull And the McLaren around the clock trouble. However, Leclerc eventually reclaimed the lead by 1min 14sec 531sec.

Despite the introduction, you cannot even determine that there is some kind of favoritism. This is because the first three are put into the same 0s1: Sergio Perez And the Carlos Sainzin that order, they were. Max Verstappen He was fourth and only finished 0s181 slower than the leader.

Top 10 finished with Lando NorrisPierre Gasly Daniel RicciardoAnd the George RussellAnd the Sebastian Vettel And Lewis Hamilton. Highlight the pilots’ complaint about mercedes, especially Hamilton, that the car bounced back a lot again. At least that was the keynote at the opening session.

Although FP1 had no accidents, Valtteri Bottas He didn’t score a lap because of a car problem Alfa Romeo The team has not confirmed in any order. There was also a quick red flag after that Mick Schumacher Stopped on lane with gearshift failure.

The Formula 1 Continues this weekend at Monte CarloWith Monaco GB. a grand prize accompanies everything live on At present. FP2 is scheduled at 12:00 [de Brasília, GMT-3].

A view of the Monte Carlo buildings (Photo: F1)
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Find out how TL1 went:

The first free practice of the weekend at the Monaco GP experienced a heat sensation above 30°C of ambient temperature, and with the sky open, it threw the asphalt to an incredible 54°C, similar to what was seen the previous week in Barcelona. However, there was a possibility of rain in the day, but it did not arrive in the first movements. The Formula 1 he returned to Monte Carlo.

As soon as the green flag came up, the track began to appear. Immediately, Pierre Gasly complain about the pedals AlphaTauri. in Ferrari They left when possible and were the only ones who bucked the trend of using hard tyres, which almost everyone chose: they were average. Remember, Pirelli has picked the softest set of tires for this weekend: the C3, C4 and C5. The hardest people this weekend are the soft ones Barcelona.

Of course, even for the choice of tires was one of the red cars, Carlos Sainz, who climbed forward with a turn of 1 minute 17 seconds. But Ferrari Obviously, he was not looking for a comeback, because Lando Norris was able to practically position himself next to Sainz and better than Charles Leclerc. then, Max Verstappen He’ll actually hit 1 minute 16 seconds and improve the spins even with the hardest spins.

The end of porpoises? Lewis Hamilton It was a reasonable time, but be warned mercedes That the car was “bounce by an incredible amount”. Definitely a yellow mark.

The first to enter the 1min 15sec space was Leclerc, with a 12min session: he clocked 1min 15sec 943. However, Verstappen will take 1min 15sec of heat. Times continued to drop as Hamilton ran over one of the hurdles on the track.

Mick Schumacher had gearbox problems in FP1 (Photo: Reproduction/F1 TV)

There, the first problem. Mick Schumacher warn haha That there was a problem with the gearbox and he received a warning that nothing would be changed in the engine. In this way, he stopped on the track and ended up causing a red light to retrieve the white and red car. But in less than five minutes, everything was back to normal. The exercise lasted and showed already 25 minutes in duration.

Halfway, Verstappen and Leclerc led, Norris, Sainz, Hamilton, Daniel RicciardoSergio Perez Gasly Sebastian Vettel And the Yuki Tsunoda Forming the Top 10. Soon after, however, and even recoil complaints strengthened, Hamilton appeared in second place.

Meanwhile, no return or information about Valtteri Bottas. With the car parked in the garage Alfa RomeoHowever, it was possible to tell that there was a problem. After a few minutes, the team completely dismantled the back of the #77 car.

Who started the day giving good signals was McLaren. Ricardo was fine from the start, while Norris recovered from his tonsillitis Spainjumped to first place after 1min 15sec 301 – which quickly became 1min 15sec – after setting average tires.

“I’m about to be beaten,” he warned. Lance’s Outing The Aston Martin While he said he doesn’t have a forward grip and needs to get back into the pits. So far, however, there are no accidents. Alexander Albon also almost got into an accident, but he managed to move quickly Williams While approaching chicane to avoid collision. Verstappen also had good handling at St.Dévote.

With 15 minutes left George Russell He appeared in front of Hamilton and among the first places. But the one who impressed was Norris, with a time of 1 minute 14 seconds 712 minutes.

From average back to Ferrari Walk forward again. Sainz started the fast lap well, but put his foot up at the start. Leclerc, NO: The home rider cut 1 minute 14 seconds 531 seconds and jumped to the top spot. Sergio Perez came in second with red bull, dropping Sainz and Verstappen to third and fourth places. Norris, at all his pace, dropped to fifth.

Just in the last ten minutes Aston Martin And the Williams He risked the soft tyres, but didn’t get much back in the Monaco heat. So times have not changed. Topped up by Leclerc, but with the top three in the same tenth.

F1 2022Monaco GB, Monte CarloTL1:

1 C Leclerc Ferrari 1: 14531 29
two S Perez red bull 1: 14570 +0.039 30
3 Sea Signs Ferrari 1:14601 +0.070 28
4 M Verstappen red bull 1: 14712 +0.181.001 26
5 Norris McLaren Mercedes 1: 15056 +0.525 31
6 P flirtatious AlphaTauri Honda 1: 15.083 +0.552.0000 33
7 Drinkcard McLaren Mercedes 1:15,157 +0.626 33
8 J. Russell mercedes 1:15211 +0.680 34
9 S VETTEL Aston Martin Mercedes 1:15,387 +0.856 33
10 Hamilton mercedes 1:15499 +0.968.0000 29
11 Wai Tsunoda AlphaTauri Honda 1: 15,536 +1,005 36
12 L STROL Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 15,539 +1,008 26
13 and Alonso Alps 1: 15749 +1,218 28
14 K MAGNUSEN Haas Ferrari 1:15806 +1,275 30
15th Albon Williams Mercedes 1:16110 +1,579 39
16 and Okon Alps 1:16315 +1,784 24
17 G ZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 16417 +1,886 27
18 N Latify Williams Mercedes 1: 17714 +3183 30
19 Schumacher mother Haas Ferrari 1: 18.636 +4105 12
20 V . shoes Alfa Romeo Ferrari two
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