May 28, 2024

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Vasco and 777 define the pillars of the agreement and take another step towards selling football to the club |  Vasco

Vasco and 777 define the pillars of the agreement and take another step towards selling football to the club | Vasco

Vasco and 777 Partners on Friday revised the last details of the SAF contract. In a meeting with the club’s leadership, in the São Januaro complex, executives from the American group left the due diligence process in the pipeline. There are only bureaucratic procedures necessary in international negotiations to reach a binding offer.

In Rio de Janeiro since Thursday, Juan Arsenegas (General Manager), Nicolas Maia (Head of Football Operations) and Sampson Ngo (Investment Adviser) were representatives of the 777. The meeting was also attended by President Jorge Salgado, with the Vice-Presidents of the Federation. The principal portfolios and with representatives from the three branches of the club, the deliberations board, the merit board and the financial board.

– Everyone at Vasco works tirelessly so that the whole process has maximum transparency and security. Our goal is to ensure our club returns to being champions in Brazilian and South American football as soon as possible, Salgado said.

Vasco meets with the managers of 777 Partners in Rio – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

Due diligence is not officially closed yet. This Friday meeting primarily served to identify shareholders and investment agreements, two of the key documents of the process.

While the investment agreement “contains the expectations and terms of the capital contributions of 777 partners to Vasco SAF, as well as the terms for the future incurring of club debts by SAF”.

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The first meeting held this Thursday was between 777 managers and club authorities. First Vice President, Carlos Roberto Osorio; Second Vice President, Roberto Duque Estrada; Chairman of the Board, Carlos Eduardo Fonseca; Chairman of the Board of Merit Antonio Peralta; President of the General Meeting, Otto de Carvalho; and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Joao Marcos Amorim.

Also in attendance were Vice President of Marketing Vitor Roma, Vice President of Legal Affairs Jose Candido Polhes, Vice President of Communications Danilo Pinto, Vice President of Social Responsibility and History Junior Urs and Vice President of De Patrimonio. and Fábio Nogueira and CEO Luiz Mello; In addition to representatives from KPMG and Matix Capital.

Then he met at the same place representatives of the American group The special committee formed by the deliberation board this week, which will have the function of analyzing the offer made by the Americans. The group is made up of 15 advisers, including members of the position and some of the opposition, and is headed by Roberto Duque Estrada.

It was agreed, for example, that shareholders and investment agreements would already be transferred to this committee, which would begin the process of analyzing documents.