September 23, 2023

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Leo Dias leaves Brazil after famous controversy prick: 'I don't hold a grudge, I keep names' - Entertainment

Leo Dias leaves Brazil after famous controversy prick: ‘I don’t hold a grudge, I keep names’ – Entertainment

Leo Dias decided to leave Brazil after controversy over actress Clara Castanho.

The journalist was one of those responsible for exposing Clara’s storywho was raped, got pregnant and decided to give up the baby for adoption.

On social media, Leo Dias explained that he decided at the last minute to go abroad: “It’s time to take care of myself. Travel in search of peace,” he wrote, showing a photo of his passport and plane ticket.

Without revealing the final destination, he said he would make a stopover in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: “We decided to travel today. I called and bought and here we are.”

Before the trip, the journalist spoke on the Internet about the controversy. Liu thanked the people who reached out to him: “As for the people who called me, they stayed on the phone with me for hours. Yeah, I’m not going to stay here talking about people who turned their backs on me because it’s not worth it. Not worth it.”

journalist who Stop being followed by so many celebritiesuntil the one who turned his back on him erred: “I made a mistake, I apologized and the hate I received … I hold no grudges, okay? Let it be very clear, keep the names, only the names. A. A new stage in my life.”

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