June 24, 2024

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Live fish attacking a toothpick in a Japanese restaurant

Japan is a leader in innovation, in nearly every sector of its economy. A feature closely associated with the country is fishing. Since the shogunate (Japanese feudal system), the Japanese islands have based their diet on fishing activities.

In the place there is a predominance of various hot and cold sea currents, which creates an ideal habitat for fish and, accordingly, attracts the breeding of a variety of marine animals. This makes many restaurants invest in exotic dishes.

The most famous Japanese dishes, sashimi and sushi, should only be prepared with the freshest fish of the day. But one restaurant seems to have taken the teaching seriously, as a video has gone viral on Instagram offerings.

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While eating in a restaurant in the city of Yanagawa (Japan), the user, perhaps, was surprised when he touched one of the fish served with chopsticks: the animal was alive and bit the chopstick with its sharp teeth.

Despite its size, its appearance is terrifying. It’s not possible to tell if a customer really wanted to eat that fish or if it was introduced accidentally – most people certainly don’t want to find live fish on their plate.

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