December 4, 2023

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LoL: See details of the skills of Vex, the new hero

On September 2, Riot . Corporation Show Trailer mixed with toys from moodiness, the new hero of League of Legends. Five days later, the company released details of all the hero’s abilities, which will arrive in update 11.19, scheduled for September 22.

Vex . skills

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Negative – destruction and darkness

Destruction – Periodically, Vex is enabled through destruction, causing her next basic ability to interrupt progression and inflict fear on enemies.

Dark – When a nearby enemy uses a progression or teleportation, it is marked with darkness. The next basic Vex attack against a marked opponent blows that mark, dealing additional damage and reducing the cooldown.

Q – Rajada Mistral

Vex shoots a wave forward that deals magical damage to hit enemies. After a while, the wave accelerates, but with less width. Dark Mistral Blast explodes at any enemies it is hit.

W – personal space

Vex gains a shield and emits a shock wave that deals magical damage to nearby enemies. Personal Space blasts darkness over any enemies it gets hit.

E – a semi-shadow imminent

The shadow flies to a specific location, increasing in size along the way. Upon arrival, you deal magical damage and slowdown, as well as marking enemies with darkness.

R – dark wave

Shadow advances, scoring the first enemy hero to hit and inflicting magical damage on it. Vex can reconfigure this ability so that Shadow takes it to the selected target, causing additional magical damage. If the selected target dies shortly after being dealt Shadow Wave damage, it can cast the ability back in in a few seconds.

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The company also took the opportunity to showcase the art of leather Envoy of Light.

Vex Envoy of Light (Photo: Disclosure/Riot)