December 6, 2023

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Louis Tomlinson excites the audience and remembers the songs of One Direction in Sao Paulo's Rolling Stone

Louis Tomlinson excites the audience and remembers the songs of One Direction in Sao Paulo’s Rolling Stone

British singer Louis Tomlinson performed at Espaço Unimed on the weekend of May 28-29 with songs from the album Walls

last time that Louis Tomlinson He was on Brazilian soil in 2014. At the time, he was still a member of the boy band One-way He has performed with his teammates at much larger venues – such as Morumbi Stadium. Despite Espaço Unimed’s smaller size, the energy, shout-out and love of the fans have remained the same, even after nearly a decade.

The British singer sang in Sao Paulo with Louis Tomlinson World TourOn the weekend of May 28 and 29, both tickets were sold out and the audience who slept for days in line circled the concert hall building. And if the fans last time were teenagers, now they are women, they have grown up and continued Tomlinson long ago The tenth factor Until the first round the world.

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Even the grim streak didn’t stop the audience from getting excited, who sang at the loudest sound hitting them like “We made it”, “You always”, “Afraid” And the “Kill my mind” Among other tracks from the first album walls (2020). The shows were scheduled to take place two years ago, but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, raising expectations for what was to come.

Timid, Tomlinson different from time One-wayWhen he played more jokes with the previous members he shared the stages with and interacted more with the audience. However, despite focusing on performing tracks, he still shows love and affection for his Brazilian fans.

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In addition to the songs themselves, the singer has also performed songs such as “7” in catfish and bottle, And the “The Beautiful War” in kings of leon. And of course the boy group days are still present at shows with “Pull me down”, “Little black dress” And the “Throughout the darkness.”

Louis Tomlinson at Espaço Unimed (Photo: Rafael Strabelli/Espaço Unimed)

However, those who stayed at the back of the track might not have a good view due to the special effects on the big screens that broadcast shows with lots of lights and close-ups in Tomlinson And the band — but that didn’t come close to ending the audience’s excitement. In addition, at the end of some clips, the audience was also surprised by the banners that fell from the ceiling.

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By not using instruments, just the microphone, Tomlinson Enjoy greater freedom to roam the stage and rock music into every corner of Espaço Unimed, from the dance floor to the chests and mezzanines. In addition to the tracks from walls Songs like . have also appeared “they change” And the “copy of copy” that is not on the disk.

The opening performances were up to the boys from sun roomknown by paths such as “Sol del Sur”, “Fun” And the “My bike crashed.” In addition, the California group has also performed on covers such as “Blitzkrieg balance of payments,” From Ramones. Check out some photos of the event:

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Louis Tomlinson at Espaço Unimed (Photo: Rafael Strabelli/Espaço Unimed)

Louis Tomlinson at Espaço Unimed (Photo: Rafael Strabelli/Espaço Unimed)

The sun room at Espaço Unimed (Photo: Rafael Strabelli / Espaço Unimed)