March 31, 2023

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Lucas and Gustavo target Eliezer on the next wall

Lucas and Gustavo target Eliezer on the next wall

During a conversation at an academyBBB 22″ (TV Globo), Lucas and Gustavo have spoken of their intention to vote for The Next Wall. The brothers revealed they intend to vote for Jade – however, as Sister already on the wall after the big phone dynamicsthey intend to target another person from the fourth sucker: Eliezer.

“It’s this thing…it has to be on one side, you know? You can’t vote for each other,” Lucas said.

At the time, Gustavo told who his target would be on Sunday: “I think I’m going to Elle.”

“Yes. It would be Ellie or Jade, but since Jade is already there [no paredão]..then it will be Ellie,” the “Baron winking” agreed with him.

“Manu… I just know that starting to go to lollipop is going to get complicated after a while,” Lucas joked, remembering that he and Gustavo had affairs sleeping in the colorful room.

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