May 25, 2024

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Lucas comments on Jade's friendship with Slovenia: 'Interesting'

Lucas comments on Jade’s friendship with Slovenia: ‘Interesting’

While talking to Arthur about the sounds in “BBB 22″ (TV Globo), commenting on the possibility of Slovenia joining the fourth grunge group, Lucas shot Jade Bacon, indicating that he thought the sister was interested.

“Eslô comes, do you think?” asked Arthur. “She splits up with Jade? It makes more sense for you to join us than to join us. After that, I think Vini will join us.”

“It’s not possible that Eslô doesn’t feel like Jade is kind of self-serving, you know?” said Lucas.

“Oh, brother. I won’t say anything,” concluded the actor.

“I exchanged ideas with Larissa. She said Jade went to talk to her, started a conversation… And with me, who didn’t vote for her, I was an important person to her, and she never came to talk about it. Well… and Larissa, like it or not, arrived with information. From the outside. Jade also did not prioritize Eslô when changing the VIP. These things, I wish one would keep in one’s heart,” the medical student pointed out.

‘I thought out of nowhere,’ Arthur asked, ‘that it had changed and became ‘the best’.

Earlier, the group had already commented on Possibility to put the effect on the wall.