June 12, 2024

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Luciano Xavier is getting worse, he goes back to the hospital and his family receives the latest news

Luciano Xavier is getting worse, he goes back to the hospital and his family receives the latest news

Luciano Xavier’s health deteriorated and he had to be taken to hospital again

Luciano Ambassador He’s been hospitalized for a few days over the past few weeks, all to deal with problems with the colostomy. After being discharged from the hospital, the actor returned home and caused the joy of the family and fans, however, on the night of last Friday, June 17, his health deteriorated and he again needed medical treatment.

After he felt unwell, Luciano Xavier was taken to Vera Cruz Hospital in Campinas. Initially, the cardiologist had an intestinal obstruction and underwent a series of tests, according to Leo Dias. With the celebrity hospitalized, the doctors taking care of the case issued a note and informed the actor’s family of the latest news about his condition.

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“Luciano is still recovering from his recent complex surgery and had an intestinal bypass on Friday afternoon. He had to be taken to hospital to fast and rest his bowels so he could function properly again,” revealed Dr. Andre Prandelles, who looks after the artist, He is fine and stable but there is still no outlook for an exit.”

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It is worth noting that the new treatment comes days after Luciano Xavier celebrated his discharge from the hospital, as he was hospitalized for about a month: “It was difficult times, but here I am, resolute and strong and I miss my family.” Thank you all for sending me this positive stream once again. I cannot thank you for so much love and affection that I received and received daily,” she celebrated at the time.

Luciano Sfeir (Photo: Disclosure)
Luciano Xavier was taken to hospital again (Image: Disclosure)

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