July 25, 2024

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Lucio Flavio praises Botafogo players after the sudden change in leadership: ‘They understood the process and played a great game’

Lucio Flavio praises Botafogo players after the sudden change in leadership: ‘They understood the process and played a great game’

temporary coach Lucio Flavio Praise the players Botafogo from the position in 1-0 win over Vasco This Sunday, two days after a series of changes in football Alfinegro – the most important of which was the sacking of Anderson Moreira.

– The game really had a lot of importance for being a classic, and it’s only natural that an athlete would end up with different settings even with all these changes. I think the group performed well, obviously there is a question of feeling for the work that was done, but the players understood the club’s operation and, above all, played a great game – said Lucio Flavio.

STC assistant Lucio Flavio attributed the win in Maranhão this Sunday to the athletes’ determination and the game model already adopted with Anderson.

Playing the classics really does have a motivating factor, and winning the classics ends up being so much better. There was a change of leadership this week and we have to understand this new process. Regarding the game itself, we learned about Vasco’s ability, the team performed well in the competition, without any defeats. One of the decisive factors was to really give in to the game, to implement what had already been done with Anderson – Lucio analyzed, acknowledging that the team needed to master the counter-attacks:

– In fact, we failed on some counter-attack with which we can finish the play better, then the details of the pass, or a little rain, or a ball that could be on the ground and it ends up … Overall, the behavior was good, We will analyze the game and try to correct all this necessary operation.

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Check out other points from Lucio Flavio’s press conference:

product of three
“Our departure, as it usually happens with Gattito and Carly and Kano, watching Vasco, when there was this third guy, they were having a little more difficulty. Barreto started doing it against Fluminense and he felt comfortable talking to him. We had no training, we only showed him in clips. video, on the board, and they did well within what was suggested. It’s good that they had that understanding.”

Importance in the table
“We needed to try to come back, we were coming out of a defeat after a long time in EM that this group didn’t lose. Even that was very good on the athletes side, it is a group that, despite their young age, has slowly developed their shell and maturity, which is fundamental in a game like this “.

The environment after leaving Anderson
It would be natural for any player to remember Anderson in the interview, even for the work that was done, and the way the athletes embraced that work. At the same time they know that they are professionals, there are changes in the athletes, in the coaching staff. We understand that now, from the moment they left, they are starting to focus on the match.”

Video | See Lucio Flavio’s press conference: