December 7, 2023

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LUNA: Após colapso, Reino Unido calibrará regulamentação de criptomoedas

Luna: After the recession, the UK will measure cryptocurrency regulation

After the collapse of the latest Staplecoin EarthUSD (UST) and token நிலாPower UK Financial Conduct (Financial Behavior Commission / FCAIn English), according to a statement Sarah Pritchard, The Managing Director of Markets at the FCA said, “The new regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies should take into account the recent volatility in crypto markets when launching in 2022.”

Stabilization took place After the issues facing the token, Many experts believe it is irreversible. The evolution that came with the step form Sarah, Those involved are welcome as long as they keep in mind the issues that may come up.


In a survey mentioned by the Managing Director, approx 69% of adults under the age of 40 believe that cryptocurrencies are regulated by the FCA. This fact proves that many people do not understand the dangers involved, and that the recent collapse is a practical example of reality. Pritchard Completion:

“A well-functioning market and transparent user protection (…) really proves the most important problems here. Money.”

For the uninitiated, the token நிலாWas worth $ 100 Earlier this year, its price was set US $ 0.00014. Many investors have suddenly lost their money. Even the most stable cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) has been affected in recent days, which is not nearly as dramatic as the case in question UST – and already show strong signs of recovery.

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The information shared above was provided Two months later the UK authorities Announce that they have plans to stay “Global Core for Crypto Asset Technology”. That is, the stated purpose of these regulations would be to provide greater confidence to future investors who are planning for the long term.

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