June 22, 2024

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The price of chicken wings in the United States is over $ 30, and the prices of other foods and fuels have risen sharply. American businessmen and the general public are concerned

Going to the market can scare people at the final purchase value in the US | Photo: BHB Foods and Supplements

Food is proliferating in the North American country and experts point out that the situation could get worse

The Swelling It affects many countries in the world, including the United States. Especially the high price, an item like the chicken wing has attracted attention. Consumed high by Americans, it is already one of the scariest foods for people beyond $ 30. According to the US Department of Labor, inflation reached 8.5% in March 2022, the highest level in 41 years.

However, that is not all. Some experts say the situation could get worse, scaring Americans and local businesses alike. Compared to the onset of the infection, the milk gallon consumed there has already increased by 25%. In addition, compared to 2019, bacon is already 35% more expensive. However, despite these exorbitant prices, people are still protected from catastrophic increases by the real “trick” performed by local traders, which may soon change. The next few months.

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In order not to shift the burden of inflation to consumers, traders who struggle with high prices for food and poultry wings are at a crossroads.

Inflation is the result of many factors, including the war in Ukraine. Apart from fuel, one of the most affected sectors is the food industry. In this case, the chicken wing, the most widely consumed item by Americans, is getting salty. Says Jeff Good, owner of three restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi.

18 months ago, 40 pounds of chicken wings, equivalent to 40 pounds, was $ 85. He told the Hour Times that he could buy it for 150. In addition, the value of cooking oil and flour almost doubled last semester. Of the restaurant.

He further said that was due to maintenance works Fuel prices. Unfortunately, to cope with this increase, he had to increase the price of the food served on the menu. For example, the pre-infection chicken wing dish sold for $ 13.95. Now, the value varies according to market prices, ranging from US $ 27.95 to US $ 34. So Good is considering removing the chicken wings from the menu.

According to experts, it will no longer be so difficult to pass on the value of food to consumers of the product.

Merchants, mainly in the food sector, were able to mitigate the effects of inflation on American plates. However, if this is not possible, it will no longer be difficult. After all, the increase in food used for restaurant meals and maintenance services directly affects the budget and value added.

In April, food prices in the United States rose 9.4% compared to April 2021. The rate was already 8.5% in March and is considered to be the highest in 41 years, and has now broken that record. Chicken, seafood and baby food are the main foods affected. In addition, Americans saw a 220% increase in the price of eggs, 51% in butter, 41% in oils and 40% in flour. National Restaurant Association.

However, food prices have risen by an average of 18% compared to 2021. This is worrying Americans and bringing with it uncertainty that the weight of inflation will rise and fall.

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