May 25, 2024

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Macron descartou que a adesão da Ucrânia à União Europeia será rápida

Macron says Ukraine’s EU auction could take ‘decades’ – News

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron said it would take “decades” for Ukraine to finally enter the European Union (EU) and to build a “political community.”

The idea was welcomed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, who called it a “very interesting piece of advice” and said he was “very happy” to talk to the French leader about it.

Ukraine, which has been the target of a Russian invasion since February, wants to join the European Union, and the European Commission has said it will respond to Kiev’s request next month, a key step before it can be discussed by member states.

However, Macron, who was in Berlin, met with Scholes and rejected any hope of quick access, suggesting that it would be more effective to form a group of countries wider than those in the EU.

To that end, Macron called for the creation of a “European political community” in which the United Kingdom could join.

“Britain has decided to leave the European Union, but it can gain a place in this political community,” he said.

Macron said he thinks of countries that have already begun access and are nearing completion, “should continue until the end of this path.”

However, the French leader said that “people like Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are far away, and who are in the western Balkans” or “who got into trouble with the accession.” […]Sometimes for decades ”, on the other hand, considering the possibility of joining a wider group.

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