May 21, 2024

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Após deixar a Band, Mariana Godoy é contratada pela Record:

Mariana Godoy has been removed from the registry after presenting health issues

Mariana Godoy – Instagram

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This Monday (03), Mariana Godoy, captain of Vala Brasil, from TV recordingThe audience was surprised by not running the program. The journalist, who was working normally during New Year’s Eve, had to be moved away from the station to address a health issue.

According to the information received from the TV Pop website, the broadcaster has a respiratory infection, and the Eder Macedo station removed him as a security measure. She was replaced by Camila Bosnilo, anchor of Journal da Record News.

Lucas Selfie, who appeared on Record TV, breathes on the web: ‘I have no more bag’

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Also according to the portal, the station will struggle to maintain prevention protocol after year-end festivities and Mariana Godoy was not the only female employee of the canal that was removed. Employees from different sectors also need to leave the place.

In 2020, Mariana Godoy also had to be excluded from her activities. At the time, the journalist was still employed by Band, and the journalist had tested positive for Covid-19 and had to comply with the quarantine. Later, she reported that she had sequelae from the disease.

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After testing positive for coronavirus, Fabiola Ripert and Renato Lombardi update their health status

The journalist was not the only celebrity who had to leave in recent days to treat health problems. Fabiola Ripert and Renato Lombardi tested positive for Covid-19 and had to be removed from the SP general balance sheet.

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