June 22, 2024

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Positive Covid-19 diagnoses 'explode' in Unimed São Carlos

Positive Covid-19 diagnoses ‘explode’ in Unimed São Carlos

Unimed Hospital – credit: SCA file

Like the Public Health Network, Unimed São Carlos has also recorded a significant increase in cases of influenza-like illness in recent days.

In a note sent to the SCA, the cooperative informed that it is taking all necessary measures to reduce the effects of the high demand in the emergency room (PA) registered in recent days, due to the difficult time caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and influenza epidemic. Among the measures already taken are the increase in the number of on-call workers, a change in flow and an increase in flexibility in attendance, while others are in the process of being implemented.

Also according to the note, cases of seeking care at Unimed São Carlos for respiratory syndrome jumped from 128 on 12/26/2021 to 177 on 1/1/2022 and 260 yesterday (2/1). Only regarding Covid-19, the number of positive cases jumped from 8, registered on 12/23/2021, to 48 on 12/30. Yesterday (2/1), 37 positive cases were confirmed. The cooperative warns that as the year-end festivities come to an end and the flu seasonality ends, these numbers tend to increase in the coming days and are not just worse due to the progress of vaccination.

“At this critical moment we are going through, we are asking everyone to emphasize hand hygiene, use of masks and social distancing. The emergency room should be sought only in the most severe cases, with a maximum of only one facility per patient, and priority should be given to searching for offices to avoid overcrowding. In addition, those who have not yet been vaccinated or have not taken the second dose or booster dose should immediately look for vaccination sites,” says another excerpt from the text sent to the editorial board.

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Unimed cautions that images, images and sound are prohibited in the indoor environments of its units for the safety of staff and other patients.

The note ends with a request for cooperation. “We are again counting on everyone’s cooperation in this critical scenario.”

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