June 12, 2024

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Marketers report drop in fish sales after cases of 'black urine disease' in Itacoatiara |  Amazon

Marketers report drop in fish sales after cases of ‘black urine disease’ in Itacoatiara | Amazon

At the Fisherman’s Fair, in Itacoatiara (AM), marketers reported declining fish sales after 24 cases of rhabdomyolysis were confirmed in the city. The condition is associated with Huff’s disease known as “black urine disease.”

According to the city’s health department, all patients who developed symptoms of the syndrome, from August 21 through Friday (27), reported having eaten fish in the past 24 hours. via amazon, The number of cases of the syndrome reached 26.

With sales plummeting at the city’s main fish market, sellers are reporting losses.

“This morning, I still did not sell a kilogram of tambaqui. By this time, I should have sold 70 kilograms. It is not only I who suffer. If we stop here in the market selling this product, the hunter will also suffer from crossed arms ”, says the marketer Adalberto Lima.

Fish sales in Itaquatiara have declined after cases of a syndrome associated with “black urine disease”. Photo: Marcelo Moreira/Amazon Network

According to the health department, patients admitted to hospital with rhabdomyolysis in the city say they consumed fish such as piraro, pirapitinga, paco and tambaqui, and that the fish would have been taken from the regions of the Amazon Coast, Rio Arari, Nova Olinda do Norte. Santo Antonio Gallery and My Neighborhood.

In the Artemis Miquilis restaurant, the sale of fish was suspended. Before the outbreak of rhabdomyolysis in the city, the businesswoman sold more than 15 kilograms of piraruco per week.

“We were very concerned, because this is a public health condition. And because we have a great responsibility in trade, our idea was to put it on hold for health reasons. The economy depends on it, and we depend on it too,” he says.

Infectious disease scientist Marcelo Cordero, who has been studying rhabdomyolysis since 2008, People are not advised to stop eatingBecause, according to him, they are “specific cases”. For him, it is necessary to follow the guidelines for epidemiological surveillance.

“We don’t usually find serious cases, and it is important to follow all Health Surveillance Foundation guidelines, because in the process of investigating a case, it is determined if, by chance, there is a particular location. Who will take appropriate measures and, if necessary, direct the cessation of Depreciation is on schedule,” he explains.

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