December 2, 2023

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Matthews Nascimento scores, Chai returns and Botafogo wins Resende for Carioca

Matthews Nascimento scores, Chai returns and Botafogo wins Resende for Carioca

winning streak Botafogo more. Alfinegro beat Resende 2-1 on Thursday evening in a match valid for the seventh round of the Guanabara Cup, the first round of the Carioca Championship, at Nilton Santos Stadium. Mateus Nascimento Erison scored the goals. The duel also marked Shay’s return to the meadows.

As a result, Botafogo has reached 16 points and is third in Carioca – Flamengo have the same amount, but are behind on goal difference. Resende is 11, with five.

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And Botafogo will return to the field next Wednesday only to meet Flamengo, at 8 pm, at Nilton Santos Stadium. Before that, he will face Resende Boavista on Monday at 3:30 pm.

He slept!
Feelings were very few in the first half. With the exception of an initial push from Botafogo, who created two promising chances after just ten minutes of dribbling, the first stage was gentle and saw only a few moments better. Sleepy, neither team produced and the score did not change.

The slow pace of the first half remained in the locker room. Botafogo scored two goals within two minutes. The first came in an opportunistic move by Matthews Nascimento: after a low cross from Luis Fernando, goalkeeper Jefferson Lewis stretched forward and the shirt 90 was poised to complete the rebound to the back of the net.

Resende off the ball, stole Botafogo’s ball and awarded a penalty. After regaining control, Mateus Nascimento finds Luis Fernando, who is shot down within the area. In charge, Erisson scored.

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instant effect
Despite Botafogo’s blitzkrieg goals, Resende did not give up. The replacement of Sandro Sargentem had an immediate effect: coach Givinho put in the 22nd minute of the second half and scored two minutes later. On the counterattack, he withdrew from the center of the field and dribbled and hit the net.

I saw!
Lucio Flavio promoted Chai’s entry midway through the second half. And the fans celebrated the return of the 14 shirt, which played its first match in the 2022 season, the midfielder even gave his opponent a hat.

In the end, the celebration was for Glorioso fans. The team grabbed the ball in the final minutes, evaded pressure and came out with a win.

data sheet
Botafogo 2 x 1 Resende

date and time: 02/17/2022, at 18:00
place: Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).
Rule: Rafael Gomez de Sa
helpers: Thiago Henrique Neto Correia Farinha and Fabiana Nobrija Beta
the lawn: we will
yellow cards: Barreto (BOT); Kevin, Alan Cardoso and Joao Felipe (RES)
red cards:

Objectives: Mateus Nascimento (1-0, 14min/2ºT); Erisson (2-0, 16 ° / 2 ° C); Jivenio (2-1, 24 min/second)

Botafogo: Katito Fernandez; Daniel Burgess, Joel Carly, Cano, Jonathan Silva; Luiz Fernando (Maranhão 31ft/2ºT), Fabinho, Barreto (Breno 27’/2ºT), Ray (Kayque 40’/2ºT); Erisson (tea 27min/2ºT), Matthews Nascimento (Gabriel Conceição 40min/2ºT). Coach: Lúcio Flávio.

Repeat: Jefferson Lewis. Juninho, Guanderson; Heitor, Alan Cardoso (Douglas 29’/1ºT); Brendon, Kevin (Givinho 22’/2ºT), Joao Filipe, Emmanuel Biancuchi (Kake 32’/2ºT); Igor Bolt, Massina (Evo 32 min/2ºT). Coach: Sandro Sargetim.