June 21, 2024

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Santos weighs the pros and cons to determine Fabio Carrell's future

Santos weighs the pros and cons to determine Fabio Carrell’s future

board saints He is unhappy with the team’s performance in 2022 and has doubts about the longevity of Fabio Carrell. A meeting will be held to discuss the future of the authority today (18).

The coach is in the hot seat after 3-2 loss to Mirasol yesterday (17), at Mayao Stadium, for the seventh round of Paulista Championship. The first half feared the dome of Pisces. Leo opened 3-0 and could have done more. But in the second half, Santos responded, fell with Madson and Marcus Guilherme and almost equalized with Marcos Leonardo in injury time.

Even before the defeat at Mirasol, football chief executive Edo Dracina and other members of the board were already worried. The assessment is that Santos has not had a full-fledged high-level match at Paulistao. Even in the 2-1 win over Corinthians, at the New Coimica Arena, Pixie started poorly and turned around in the second half.

at a press conference, Fabio Carrell admitted this vacillation, but showed his confidence in the future.

“He’s been taking turns a lot, right? Corinthians first half is down and second is better, second half Guarani and bad first half, Sao Bernardo 35 minutes and then drops. We have to strive for balance and keep order all the time. The result, let’s find that balance to make the 90 minutes even stronger. And steady,” the coach said.

Internally, Karel justifies the offense by the absence of some important players, such as the aforementioned Sandri, and a normal difficulty at the beginning of the season, as seen in other Serie A teams, and he has not yet shown doubts about his ability to do so. He made the team improve and asked for reinforcements for defence, midfield and attack.

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The board understands the need for more players, but believes they have enough to deliver better football. There is a lot of discontent among the fans, and on Sunday, Santos will face Sao Paulo in a classic match at Villa Belmero in the eighth round of Paulistao. Vila Belmiro tickets sold out.

Among the management committee members, there are those who advocate Carille’s immediate departure and others who want another chance at the classics. With a “mandate” from President Andres Rueda, Edo Dracina will speak to Fabio Carrell to give his opinion on Friday. The executive is aware of the poor performance, but sees a dearth of options in the market and does not want to be without a technician for long.

In total, Carell has played 25 matches for Santos, with nine wins, nine draws and seven defeats: 45.3% of points. The contract expires in December.