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Mauro Cesar: Flamengo de Renato Gaucho, Brazil's secondary school worker - 8/22/2021

Mauro Cesar: Flamengo de Renato Gaucho, Brazil’s secondary school worker – 8/22/2021

Guto Ferreira is known as “Gordiola”, but he’s not just a character from football. He’s a good coach who does a very consistent job at Ceará. He used to hit the flamingo.

There were two wins over the 2020 champions, both 2-0, over the Domènec Torrent in Castelão and over the Rogério Ceni in Maracanã. Now it’s Renato Gaucho’s turn to face Fozao in Fortaleza. Never lost or won the final: 1 to 1.

He did not have Rodrigo Cayo, Isla, Willian Arau, Arascaeta and Bruno Enrique. Half a team. Finished with Diego Alves. Mathuzinho, Bruno Viana, Gustavo Henrique and Felipe Luis; Gomez, Max, Lazaro, and Rodini; Vetino and Pedro.

Only the goalkeeper and left-back started, after four simultaneous changes made by coach Renato Gaucho, who then finished fifth due to an injury to Leo Pereira. Was this how Flamengo hoped to beat Ciara, who reached the round with Brazil’s fifth best campaign as a home side?

Arascaeta was thrown out of the match due to “muscular fatigue”. Within a week, he will perform for the Uruguayan team. The question remains: did Flamengo save his player for the Oscar Tabarez team?

The Brazilian champion in 2019 and 2020, Flamengo, with Renato, is gradually prioritizing spy. When the distance to the Serie A leader is great, you can say that the tournament is very difficult and the work is to pay more attention to other events. This is what they call creating a difficult selling solution.

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