October 1, 2023

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Corinthians receive Ava/Kinderman in the crucial match of the Brazilian Women's Quarter-finals

Corinthians receive Ava/Kinderman in the crucial match of the Brazilian Women’s Quarter-finals

On Sunday afternoon, Corinthians will take the second step in determining their place in the Brazilian League semi-finals. The Alvinegra Avaí / Kindermann team greets, in Fazendinha, at 17.

In the first match Arthur Elias’ players won 4-1 and now the team has a good advantage to confirm the classification at home. Being the first-place finisher in the first stage, Timão has the advantage of deciding anywhere in the house from now on.

So you, fan, know all about the game My Timon The details of the confrontation are below. paying off!

Lined up

In pursuit of confirming the rankings for the Brazilian Women’s Championship semi-finals and continuing to fight for the third championship, Arthur Elias must go to the field with: Kimelli, Katie, Erica, Giovanna Campiolo, Jassim; Gabi Zanotti, Andersina and Tamir; Gabe Portillo, Jennifer and Vic Albuquerque.

My Timon


The referee who will lead the duel is Thiago Lourenzo de Matos, who will be assisted by Feridiana Contiliani Pisco and Vladimir Nunes da Silva. The fourth official of the match is Bruna Serra Oliveira.


Unlike the first leg, the last 90 minutes of the decision will not be broadcast on TV. Sunday’s match will be broadcast by CBF TV.

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