October 2, 2023

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MEI that does not provide a DASN may lose the health plan

MEI that does not provide a DASN may lose the health plan

A tax default could result in a CNPJ being disqualified from the MEI in Simples Nacional, which could prevent the health plan from being maintained. know more.

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On June 30, the deadline for submitting the Annual Declaration of Individual Small Entrepreneurs (DASN-MEI) has expired. This declaration must be filed annually to inform Federal Revenue of what revenue the Department of Investment has received and whether or not it has an employee.

However, a MEI that does not meet this obligation may lose its health plan, because accountability is mandatory even if the entrepreneur does not bill during 2021.

MEI health plans

Due to the lack of individual health plans offer in the market, many people have sought to formalize themselves as MEI in order to gain access to group health plans. This way, you have medical coverage in the hospital.

According to the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), more than 3.9 million people have formalized themselves as MEIs. Small and micro enterprises are important to Economie of the country, with a share of 21% of the GDP. However, with the spread of the epidemic, 67% of small and medium-sized enterprises are becoming more debt-compliant and loans.

“A tax default may result in CNPJ being excluded from the MEI for Simples Nacional, which may prevent the association with the health plan from being maintained. It is important to warn about the responsibilities a consumer contracts when setting up businesses and also obtaining the MEI, solely and exclusively for the purpose of contracting out a health plan.” Many register for this purpose only and are unaware of the legal obligations to run a small business,” explained to iG portal lawyer and president of the National Association of Benefit Administrators (ANAB), Alessandro de Toledo.

traffic fine

In addition to being able to run out of health insurance, a MEI that did not submit the declaration by the deadline must pay a fine of R$50.00. At the time the advertisement is sent, a payment receipt is generated and can be printed along with the delivery receipt. If payment is made within 30 days, the fine is reduced by 50%.

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